Frustrated with the time you take to complete your admin tasks?

This course will help you run your business like a well-oiled machine!

No business will succeed without efficient tools to help maximise profits.

Cut on your unbillable hours by minimising your admin tasks!

Say goodbye to all those hours wasted with admin tasks. Having an efficient set of tools will help you get on top of all those tasks efficiently and that will significantly reduce your unbillable hours!

Cut costs and still run your business like a multi-national company!

By creating your own tools, you can design a system that is specifically suited for your needs and you can also cut on the costs of purchasing multiple systems or memberships.

Stop wasting your time and money, create your own tools, and take full control of your business!

This is what you will be learning

Below are the outlines for each Module of the course with a small summary of what will be lectured in each Module.

Module 1

Start with a small introduction to your instructor, Cátia Cassiano. She will also introduce you to the course and what to expect once you finalise it.

Module 2
Business Management System

In this Module, you will learn how to plan, design, and create a Business Management System for your business using Microsoft Access.

Module 3
Invoicing System

In this Module, you will use Microsoft Excel to create an Invoicing System that will allow you to produce your Quotes, Invoices and Account Statements.

Module 4
Timesheet Support System

In this Module, still using Microsoft Excel, you will be creating your Timesheet templates.

Module 5

In this Module, you will be able to create your own Glossaries using Microsoft Access.

Module 6

We have reached the end of this course. In this last Module, we will reflect on the importance of Business Tools and the course itself.

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