Hi, I am Cátia Cassiano

I am a NAATI Certified Translator, Chartered Linguist, Mentor and Translation Entrepreneur. I live in Sydney, Australia and I am the founder of Updated Words Translations.

Recently, I have started a new chapter in my career, apart from the mentoring I provide here in my school I have also become a Mentor at the AUSIT Mentoring Program. Through the program, I am able to help my mentees start their businesses and flourish in this wonderful profession that I love so much.

My motivation

When I started my career, there were not many options in terms of help for translators, or at least I was not aware of them. So, I had to venture into the world on my own and answer all those questions in my mind by myself. It was hard.

As I went along and started running my business I thought I could help my colleagues one day. If I could help them answer those questions, they would be able to reach their full potential faster and have a very successful career. This was the motivation behind this school.

My tools

The experience I've gained over the last 14 years of my career became my most powerful tool. Although I have no magical potion or formula for success, I've got 14 years of running a business and working in this industry.

These 14 years were made of achievements and failures, hardships and prosperous times and all of it is part of who I am today and the entrepreneur I have become.

I use it all to empower you to keep going and never give up. Never fear failure, for failure leads to learning and that keeps you moving forward. I also want you to use my failures to your advantage, avoiding making those mistakes and going straight through to your success.

My absolute goal

In the end, all I want is to see my students and mentees well-established in this profession, running a profitable business, and being very successful and happy in their careers.

For me, your success is my absolute goal, that is why I created all of this and why I am here to help you anytime you need me.

I strongly believe that mentorship is a long-term relationship, so it won't finish at the end of the program or course. So I will be here to help you anytime you need me.

So, whether you looking for academic guidance or business mentorship, you can always count on me to help you get there. I am just one click away!

So come with me on this journey, I will be with you every step of the way!